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Hello! I’m Shawn Salley, a commercial and editorial photographer based in Greenville, South Carolina. I am originally from upper East Tennessee, and I received my bachelor’s degree in vocal music education from East Tennessee State University. After teaching chorus and drama for three years at the middle school level, I realized that a profession in education wasn’t quite the right fit for me, and I decided to pursue full time work in photography, an activity that I enjoyed simply as a hobby to that point.

Over time, I’ve discovered that all of the same artistic details that I love about music – the drama, the textures, the stories, the contrast, just to name a few – also applied directly to photography. This unique life experience gives me a perspective that I believe translates into beautiful narrative imagery that I have the privilege of capturing through my camera lens.

The amount of creativity that I can put into each decision throughout a shoot brings unique outcomes in the product. My greatest joy as an editorial photographer is the opportunity to connect with so many creative individuals and celebrate the art that we’ve made together.